Our New Years Resolution

In 2020, we want to personally connect with more of you. In a way that is prioritized, meaningful and one-on-one.

It all started when we realized it was taking us longer to respond to emails, direct messages and other inquiries than we’d liked and we didn’t always have time to write the thoughtful responses that we truly wanted to. 

So many of you have taken the time to write to us. Whether you’re looking for more information on an experience, would like to host a workshop, inquiring about new city launches, careers or collaboration, or simply just writing to share your thoughts, we’ve appreciated the kind words & enthusiasm for our growing community. 

That’s why this year, we’re opening up our calendars with a public link to schedule time to connect with us. Every Monday afternoon, from 1-3pm Eastern Standard Time. Open to anyone, no agenda required.

Truthfully, the best part of building her-people has been connecting with all of you and we’re thrilled to find ways to continue to do that, regardless of distance, time zones and schedules.

Schedule time to connect with us here.