We're one!

On December 28th, 2018, we officially introduced her-people to the world with our first experience 🥂

While we had (and still do have) big ambitions, we had no idea that our first year would be quite so exciting, introducing us to 375+ experience attendees across Toronto and New York City, 8 Community Builders, 100+ Instructors and incredible partners including Indigo, Metro, Government of Canada, among others. 

It’s also been a challenging year. With each win, big or small, came an equivalent fail. Steps in the wrong direction, missed opportunities, bad decisions. All learnings in the end, but challenging nonetheless.

But if we could truly sum up the last year in one word, it would be grateful.

Grateful to have found so many people (like you!) who share the same desire for meaningful connection that we do. From just the two of us and our spark of an idea, we have become a community of 20,000 creative, kind, and inspiring women. 

To all of our people, it has been the greatest gift helping to build this with all of you.

Thank you.