What does #liveyourbestlife really mean?


Until about five years ago, I’d never heard that expression, but now I hardly go a day without seeing it flash by next to a hashtag on social media.  It’s written under pictures of friends toasting each other in fancy restaurants, diving into swimming pools or strolling on beaches on vacation. These special nights and vacations really do seem like “the best,” I get it, but they don’t seem much like everyday life.  They’re the exception, not the rule. It’s hard to believe that these rare moments can be enough to fulfill whatever my “best life” could be.

It made me start to think more about what “best” really means in that expression. I think it has more to do with all the things that I know I should be doing, but which I only sporadically succeed in: meditation, yoga, indulging my creativity, cooking nourishing food, telling the people I love that I love them, walking in nature, unplugging from screens, etc. etc. etc.  This list is long, and I’m sure you’d underline and bold a few more if you had your own list to make. I think I’d be far more likely to fulfill my definition of a “best life” if I did those things more often.

So here’s how I want to interpret the idea of live your best life: it’s not about holding out for expensive dinners and vacations (and then Instagramming the hell out of them), it’s about living, spending my day-to-day life, doing those good things more often.   

I haven’t forgotten that it’s December though - Happy Holidays by the way from her-people to all of you lovely people in whatever way you choose to celebrate! - and for a lot of us, this month means buying lots of gifts. Often, I think about these good things as inspiration for gift ideas - a new yoga mat, a journal, a cookbook.  These are great gifts, sure, but my challenge to myself this season is to focus less on buying the yoga mat and the journal and the cookbook, and focus more on doing the yoga, and writing, and cooking. Living all these good choices. 

It might not always work, but that’s the beauty of really living your best life - life is happening all the time, not just on special occasions suited for your stories.  Every new day, every new moment is an opportunity for me to choose to live it in all the best ways. 

Stay warm, my friends!