Why we decided to expand our programming

While it’s right there, in the tagline - connect meaningfully and explore freely - we found ourselves in the comfort of routine, in what’s working, in what we are good at.

We hosted our first create with her-people experiences nearly a year ago, encouraging attendees to let go of the straight-A, gold-star mentality and explore three different creative workshops. It didn’t matter whether we were “good” or “bad.” All that mattered was that we gave ourselves time, space and energy to simply play. 

With that in mind, why solely creative workshops?

In our monthly feedback surveys, we asked you what other workshops you were interested in attending. More often than not, they weren’t creative workshops. Personal growth, cooking, fitness, sustainability, the list goes on (literally, we have a running list with 127 suggestions).

But when we started looking at workshops in the city that we could bring to her-people, something was missing. Cooking classes? Whatever you’d like to make, there’s a class. Fitness? Hundreds of gyms, jam-packed with 10 classes a day, every day to choose from.

With so many options available, what was missing? 

Exploring freely.

Sure, there’s a workshop available. In fact, there are probably dozens to choose from. That is, if you know exactly what you’re looking for. If you went looking for them. When we did, we learned that a lot of them were the same.

Why isn’t anyone rethinking workshops?

So we’ve stepped outside our comfort zone and expanding programming in the new year (new decade!). We’re thinking about topics like personal growth, cooking, fitness, sustainability differently 

Nourish with her-people, three workshops rooted in making simple, healthy and tasty snacks, lunches and dinners. We’re choosing nutritionists over chefs, using common kitchen items over fancy gadgets, and day-to-day options over once-in-a-while special occasion recipes.

Fit with her-people, three varying fitness classes with meditation rooted in each. We’re going to skip the expensive, long-term gym membership and instead look to understand what truly works for us and unique movements.

Glow with her-people, three skincare DIY workshops by Make This Universe. A skin-first, skincare-second approach so cosmetics companies can no longer make billions off clever marketing tactics.

And much, much more coming soon.